Building Happy Families


Donate an amount of your choice every month to support us rent a facility where our activities will be held monthly. Our goal is to raise $200, 000.00. We use toys and other stem play activities to help children learn how to build social skills and appropriate communication skills.  We use professionals to educate and help teach robotics, guide youth in building confidence as well as all our other activities. To show our appreciation,  we list your name on our website under donors. We do appreciate and hold in high esteem all who donate to LTH. Little Drops of Water, Make a Mighty Ocean. Give and it will come back to you.

The Effects and results that families will see after participating in our HFP is truly and life changing experience. We work closely with families and our coaches help the children as well as explain to families exactly what will happen with each activity a child engages in.  So parents are full participants and watch live how their children transform into not just what they wish their child to become but instead who their child has become.

We can all do our part to help build safer communities, safer schools and happier families by doing the little we can in our own small way through our donations and volunteering.

We will begin setting up play centers with every donation that comes in and post updates to our blogs with pictures and families that your donations are supporting.

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