LTH is a global-non profit organization that provides support and assistance to families that need help redirecting their children’s energies positively.

Links To Hope (LTH), a global nonprofit organization registered in the state of California is a 501(c)(3) organization with (EIN/tax ID number: 82-5328305).

LTH was formed in 2018, out of the personal experiences and challenges of the founders Christiana and Isaac Amo-Kyereme. “When we opened our home to become foster parents, little did we know that we will be foster parents to the over 50 kids we have been privileged to have taken in”- Christiana Amo-Kyereme. These kids come broken and confused, unable to understand why they have been taken away from their biological parents but leave after 6-12 months with a new perspective of life. Kids who come grumpy and angry on day 1 often leave in tears with a newly discovered hope for the future.

“The most difficult part of our experience occurs when biological parents who often are angry at us on day 1 for helping social services to take their children away from them after realizing their kids are happy and thriving would turn round and ask us to adopt their kids if possible. A request we are unable to fulfill because we have already adopted 4 precious kids.  But we believe through Links To Hope, we can still be useful to the many kids and parents in our community and to caregivers struggling to bring joy and harmony to their homes.“As a behavioral therapist with a vast experience in providing parent training, working with families that have children with challenging behaviors as well as those with autism, I encounter the helplessness of parents everyday but I am also amazed to experience the confidence and satisfaction they gain after a few sessions of helping them to redirect  their management skills”- Christiana Amo-Kyereme-Founder & President, LTH.

We believe in solving the many challenges individuals, families and communities face by focusing all our attention and devoting all our energies towards providing solutions as they come up. We believe when we all put our heads together, we will be able to fashion out solutions to the problems we face at home and in the community. We rely on the accumulated experience of our staff and our clients in getting answers to all the challenges that come our way. We do not solve problems without your input and participation. We just provide the platform so you can release the potential in you. We are stronger and more powerful together in facing and conquering our challenges.

What We Do

The primary programs of our organization in the USA revolves around the well being of children with behavioral issues and on those in foster care or have been adopted and on assisting parents to create healthy happy families.

Our International programs presently focuses on Ghana where we look at issues related to poverty alleviation, healthcare, water and sanitation issues.   We are currently soliciting for gift donations to enable us provide Water for some rural schools in Ghana.

What Do We Do?

Parent training– Our greatest success has been the interaction we have with struggling parents, listening to their frustrations and helping them find the strength and answers to nurturing their children in a positive way. Because kids learn from what they observe, most of the struggles parents see are just a reflection of what the kids have picked from home. We help you to identify such triggers and a change in parental behavior creates a new atmosphere in the home.

Positive Social Interaction – The biggest problem of kids today relates to their inability to positively interact with their family and children around them. Their addiction to video games and the constant use of their phones is also not helping. We will help introduce other joyful means of happiness like flash cards, board games, STEM projects, cooking lessons, tie dye projects, sports, music  and other positive functional alternatives to help in the social life of your child.

Support for Foster and adoptive parents– “based on the reimbursements funds and adoptive assistance money foster and adoptive parents get from the government, we personally know how difficult it is for foster and adoptive parents to provide the desired  toys, books, appropriate clothes and footwear and Leisure and fun trips to children in their care. We through local churches, schools and local foster agencies throughout the year provide food and others resources to support families as they take care of these precious kids.


International Programs

Ghana water for schools project–  “I really feel guilty every time I turn on the tap and sometimes even wastes the water gushing out because millions of people in other parts of the world struggle to even get portable water to drink” – Isaac Amo-Kyereme, co-founder LTH.  After a visit to Ghana, where both founders of Links To Hope are originally from, the constant scene of school children (often girls) carrying buckets of water to school before school starts and even during lessons has necessitated the Ghana water for schools project. The situation in many of such schools in rural and poor neighborhoods is unfortunate. When these kids fetch water from untreated water sources in buckets, often a cup is left in the bucket to be used by all the children in the school. The use of one cup makes it so easy to spread diseases amongst all the 300-500 children in the school.

Links To Hope is currently soliciting for help to assist us provide water for identified schools  by drilling bore holes and equipping each school with a hygienic water transfer system. Water from these bore holes will also provide water for the communities around the schools.

For just under US $7000 portable water can be provided for an individual school. (Bore hole drilled, pipes laid, an over head tank provided, a veronica bucket system provided and cups provided for each student to avoid the spread of diseases).

Donations & Support

LTH is grateful for all your cash as well as in kind support. As a 501(c)(3) organization with (EIN/tax ID number: 82-5328305 all your donations are tax deductible.

You can mail your checks to Links To Hope, 21W Jordan Ave, Clovis CA 93611 stating which project you want to support or though our secure website by donating online with your credit card.     

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Meet Our Board Members

Christiana O. M. Amo-Kyereme

President /CEO / Founder

Isaac Amo-Kyereme

Co-Founder / VP

Kofi Antobam

Vice President, Finance

Kwame Boateng Appiah

VP, Human resource and administration

DR. Seth Wiafe

Project consultant

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