Links To Hope is beginning its projects in California

Links to Hope is dedicated to promoting sustainable development.

  • We are helping children and at risk youth explore the world of diverse creativity and unleash their potential.
  • Psychologists around the world have opined that the addiction of kids to video games could likely be one of the significant factors causing anxiety and depression which often affect their performances in most practical life activities.
  • In our hi-tech world today, priority is given to gaming that overrides other interests and daily activities and it is LTH's mission to help curb and redirect the interest of individuals into exploring and participating in other activities.
  • Our Work is beginning in California. We are expanding to the whole of USA and soon the rest of the world.
  • We plan to work closely with other organizations in African and around the world to spread the vision of LTH. We plan to organize Cultural Touch travel programs to Ghana, UK, France, and other places in the world with the aim of offering individuals, families and groups the opportunity to know other cultures and peoples.
  • We also plan to engage Ghanaians in the field of public health, educating and providing information on the fight of the deadly malaria disease.

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