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Foster Care

Are you a foster parent needing assistance in building your foster child’s social skills? Are you a foster agency needing help with building social skills of the children you are providing services for? Are you looking for a place where your foster youth can learn appropriate communication skills? Intervention that deals with building social skills are very important in directly dealing with the   challenges certain individuals face according to research done by Webber & Fendt-Newlin in 2017 in a new systematic review of 19 social participation interventions for individuals receiving mental health services.

Links to Hope provides positive links and connections with foster youth and other young people that are having challenges with appropriate communication and social skills building. We teach, coach and guide youth on building relationships that last. Our experienced professionals, clinicians and youth development trainers in social skills are available to answer questions, accompany youth to programs and appointments as needed. Each youth gets a one on one coaching from our experts in their growth journey. We connect you with other youth in and out of our program to help continual building of positive relationships.

We will guide youth leaving foster care to identify an adult that can make a positive impact in their lives as the youth transitions into adulthood and live a productive independent life.

According to research done by Howard & Berzin in 2011, foster youth that exit foster care are more likely to drop out of school, become homeless, unemployed, have mental and other health related issues than their non foster peers. 

Foster children and youth face many educational challenges. Morton’s 2015 research has found that continuous movement from one foster placement too another accompanied with school changes do affect the foster youth.  

Students enter college with the mind set of accomplishing their goals however for foster youth it’s a different story. Boyraz, Granda, Baker, Tidwell, & Waits, in 2015; and Salazar, Haggerty, & Roe, 2016, found during their research that foster youth leave school before they earn their degree.

Links to hope helps children and youth develop their hidden potential through play, communication and socialization skills. For more information contact links to hope now at www.linkstohope.org Links To Hope, Potential Unleashed

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