Did you know that yelling affects children’s psychological development?


 Did you know that yelling is merely a result of one’s loss of control? 

 A research done by the University of Pittsburgh found that regular yelling to children as a form of discipline causes risks for their psychological development.

 Another research conducted by various psychiatrists at the Harvard Medical School found and warned that verbal abuse, such as humiliation and yelling can alter the brain structure of children significantly and permanently. 

Well if you are a “yeller” look no further. 

Links to Hope teaches families to balance a holistic happy family life and busy hectic schedules. 

Our programs parental coaching helps parents and individuals who are struggling with positive discipline to get their children to listen without a yell or a scream. 

In early childhood development, Children learn better through play. By taking breaks from your busy schedule and acknowledging the little efforts they make, using language that is positive and letting your child know that you are happy to see them are all part of what makes happy families. 

At Links to Hope, We offer 1 on 1 over the phone guidance, face-face private meetings, group training sessions for organizations, schools and individual families that just need help managing children’s challenging behaviors. 

A non profit organization based in California and you will find answers to most of your daily stressors. 

Put the Happy back into your life, Potential Unleashed

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