It is almost impossible not to use technology in our world today. Our phones, our computers, and other electrical gadgets make life easier for us. However, if you are worried that your child may be glued and addicted to video games and the continuous use of these gadgets then there is the need to find alternative play and activities to replace that addiction?  

Many parents today are unable to get their kids to engage in other activities apart from video games and electronic gadgets? Did you know that the world health organization has officially named video gaming addiction as a disorder?  

If your child cannot survive without touching any of these gadgets then your child needs an intervention. 

At Links To Hope, we will partner you to provide alternative play and activities that you and your child will enjoy and engage in. These activities help to improve social skills, bond families, as well as build relationships. Our center is filled with stem types of fun activities  in which young people’s hands and imagination come to life through the combination of creativity and engineering (coined creatineering). 

Professionals come in to teach robotics, snap electrical circuits, building blocks and many more fun board games and activities.  If this sounds like fun to you then contact links to hope through our website .  Links to Hope . Potential Unleashed