How to Free Your Child From Video Game Addiction Without Expensive Therapy!

Almost 1 in 10 youth today are clinically addicted to video games. Links To Hope is a non-profit organization that specializes in video game addiction replacement with alternative activity.
video game addiction has become such a serious problem among our youth that the World Health Organization (WHO) has recently declared it as a legitimate addiction.
According to a recent study done by Iowa University, nearly 1 in 10 children are addicted to video games! This shocking figure shows us that nearly 3 million children (Aged 8-18) in America are gaming addicts.
At Links To Hope, we’ve personally seen young family members touched by video game addiction. While many children are enjoying life to the fullest, children addicted to video games are alone.
The buck stops here…
  • Here Are Just A Few Of The Side Effects Of Video Game Addiction:
  • Irritability when away from the game
  • Mental fatigue
  • Low energy
  • Lying to friends and family about how much they’ve truly been playing
  • Isolation from the outside world, causing loneliness
  • Poor Hygiene
  • Migraines caused by screen glare
 And many, many more!
As you can see, video game addiction can become a very serious problem. When left un-checked, you could have a really big issue on your hands! If you feel as though your child has any of the above symptoms, it’s time for a change. If left unchecked, these traits could lead to long term consequences for your child.
Let me paint you a clear picture…
While other children are developing communication skills and thriving…children that are addicted to video games are alone. They might miss out on all the fun! The video game addiction takes hold of the child, and it will only get worse if nothing is done.
Many parents are confused about how to talk to their child about video game addiction. Especially since we live in the era of smart phones and instant gratification!
We are committed to making that positive difference in your child’s life.
Our organization will replace the video game addiction with healthy activities that will build your child’s future. One of our main goals is to improve your child’s communication skills and grow their circle of friends.
As we all know, communication skills contribute heavily to your success as an adult. Communication skills could be the difference between success and failure in your child’s adult life. These skills are not being rehearsed and may even seem foreign to a video game addict.
Addiction of any kind can be a tremendously lonely and dark path. We’re here to help your child step-by-step through the entire process.
 With Links To Hope, Recovery Is No Longer A Lonesome Process
We’ll guide your child through our process, step by step. There will be zero guess work involved, only a supportive family to help them grow.
No longer will these children have to feel as if they walk in single file, all alone…ever again.
We slowly replace the video game addiction with many different positive activities and games. Everything is done of course, in a very positive manner. At Links To Hope, we love to see you smile!

Here Are Some Of The Fun And Exciting Activities Links For Hope Offers:

  • Robotics
  • Snap Electrical Circuits
  • Building Blocks
  • Intuitive Board Games
  • Socialization With Other Children
  • Just to name a few!
We bring in local professionals and authority figures to teach and guide your children. These activities not only replace the video game addiction, they build communication skills by working in a team.
All of our activities and games are done in a playful manner. We do this because we understand that the best way to learn is when you’re having fun!
What’s The One Skill That Multi-Billionaire Warren Buffet Recommends Everyone Learn?
The answer is very clear: Public speaking
  • • • • •
 Warren has said on multiple occasions that investing $100 on a Dale Carnegie public speaking course changed his life. Warren has been named several times “The World’s Richest Man” and is the Chairman and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway.
Public speaking and communication also made all the difference for a man named Steve Jobs. Steve and Steve Wozniak started their computer company in a small garage in California. Slowly but surely, this company grew into the juggernaut we know today, Apple.
As of today, Apple is now the world’s first trillion dollar company!
A huge part of this success is owed to Steve’s ability to communicate and speak to other people. We’re all familiar with Steve’s famous product reveals that are responsible for millions of dollars of revenue.
We want to build your child’s communication skills with each session all while having fun. We teach your child to communicate in a playful and supportive environment. There’s no better place to learn than in a safe, controlled environment like ours.
Who Does Links To Help Work With?
We work with foster families, children and any youth that’s in need. We feel as if it’s our duty to help others grow and succeed. Our passion is to influence other people’s lives in a positive way.
A happy and well adjusted child will lead to a well balanced family life. There are few things (if nothing at all) that will bring stress into your life like a troubled child.
At Links To Hope, we bring your child into an environment where communication is promoted. It’s a very safe environment to speak to other children just like them and learn from adults.
One huge part of our mission is to improve your child’s communication skills tenfold.
 There’s one big reason why: Communication skills are among the most common casualties of video game addiction.
If you’re interested in your child’s future and you’ve sensed they might be afflicted by a video addiction….Links To Hope is here for you.
Links To Hope is located in the Beaumont, California Area and we are always open to help. Please don’t hesitate to call us or reach out, we’ll answer any questions you might have.
Here’s our bottom line: Help as many lives as possible, and put your child on the path to success! We want to achieve this while having lots of fun.
We look forward to working with you!
P.S. Fighting addiction doesn’t have to be a nightmare, not with Links To Hope. Unleash Your Childs Potential Today!


Christiana O. M. Amo-Kyereme

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